Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pucker Up and Make Today All About Lips

Good afternoon girlies!
What are you up to today? I have multiple loads of laundry to catch up on but other than that I'm just enjoying my day off. And even though it's only January I'm already dreaming of spring. I can't wait until I can wear sandals again and leave home without a bulky winter jacket. Most of all I'm looking forward to smooth, moisturized lips! No matter how much lip balm I use and how many times I exfoliate I never can seem to keep my lips flake free. Dry, flaky lips make it difficult to wear lipstick (especially the matte kind) so I've been finding myself reaching for gloss instead.

That is, until I found Clinique's All About Lips.
All About Lips is a silicone-based lip primer which smooths the appearance of fine lines and gently exfoliates away dry skin on the lips. The smooth formula glides onto lips easily and is absorbed readily. More than one coat can be applied and to help with the exfoliation you can also gently scrub lips with a toothbrush.

Lipstick glides on so smoothly and the colour looks so true and flake free that I'm wearing lipstick more than I ever have. Oh, and did I mention it prevents colour from feathering? What an unsung makeup hero!

All About Lips is $27.50 (but lasts forever) and can be found at Sears and The Bay.


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