Sunday, June 19, 2011

Getting Lippy With Clinique

Hey All!
Welcome to a new feature on Little Pretty called Getting Lippy! In a series of posts I want to go through my lipstick and lipgloss collection to share and compare all the different brands with you! I got the idea from a few weeks of wearing the same few lip shades simply because I couldn't really remember what the rest of them looked like! Plus, I think it's really interesting to not only compare shades but to compare different brands because they all have different finishes, textures and scents.

For the first post in this series I thought I'd start with a brand very close to my heart: Clinique. I work for the brand but not only that I wholeheartedly believe in the brand. Check out my other posts on Clinique and I think you'll see what I mean.

Left to right to bottom of image: Pink Beach, Think Bronze, Extreme Pink, Tenderheart, Pink Spice, All Heart, Raspberry Glacé.
Clinique lipsticks come in 3 different varieties; Buttershines (the colour of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss), Long Last (moisturizing and long-wearing), and  High Impact (SPF 15 and a stain-like wear). Then there are the Different Lipsticks (which are often sampled in gifts) but I don't consider them "different" enough from the Long Lasts to warrand a separate category. Like everything at Clinique they are fragrance-free but despite this I find they don't smell/taste too lipstick-y. Thumbs up!

Left to right: Pink Beach, Think Bronze, Extreme Pink, Tenderheart, Pink Spice, All Heart, Raspberry Glacé.
So you can see I kinda have a thing for pinks.  My lips are naturally pretty pigmented so I often gravitate towards lighter pinks to complement my fair skin tone. Clinique lipsticks are great because of the wide range of colours but a word to the wise, try it on your skin before you buy. Clinique lipsticks look especially different in their tubes colour-wise so a shade that looks very deep might come off quite subtly. 

That's it for today's Getting Lippy! Let me know what you think!

Sarah xoxo


  1. I keep on trying to figure out my skin undertone, I went to Sephora they told me im yellow undertone, at another counter i was cool pink, at bobby brown i'm golden :/ soo i just saw in one of your post that you are using Clinique's Superbalanced Makeup in Petal, I am same match in that foundation! it matches my skin perfectly! so probably we are the same undertone? could you tell me which? its all so confusing!

  2. Hey Asia!
    Sorry this took me so long to reply to. You're definitely going to have a different shade and quite possibly a different undertone at each cosmetics counter. Generally (and this is true of Clinique) there are 3 undertones: pinks, goldens or yellows and neutrals. Petal happens to have a pink undertone so it sounds like pinks in the Clinique foundations at least are good for you. As for other brands it's always best to get shade matched to make sure you get the right colour for you.