Saturday, March 27, 2010

Smooth All Over

It's been a while hasn't it? A long while! Well I'm back and after a little deliberation I've decided I'd really like to post a new product everyday. I really, really would! Unfortunately this is my busiest time of year. Bummer. So I'll do my best and make this something of a little study break blogging treat for myself.

Down to business! Lately I have been absolutely obessed with skin care. I kind of go in and out of phases I suppose. Sometimes I get really into clothes shopping and I like to look around in consignment stores for cute pieces. Other times I can't get shoes and bags out of my mind and I find myself lusting after over-the-knee boots which are way out of my price range. Recently I've discovered the magnificent world of make-up and skin care! Okay, so I always knew it was there (that's what this blog is about after all) but more options seem to be popping up every day and I find myself thinking rather frequently "I could really use another body lotion...". Here's a good one: Eminence Naseberry Body Lotion. I originally started using it after getting brazillian waxes to moisturize the area and prevent nasty ingrown hairs but because of it's firming and exfolliating properties (and it's delightfully fresh and fruity smell) I can't help using it all over. Eminence is an organic skincare company based in Hungary that's been praised by celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Alicia Silverstone. Eminence products can only be purchased from spas that carry the line and his particular lotion is $32. This would usually be a bit steep for me but it is a great product and used sparingly it really does last.

 Sarah xoxo

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