Friday, July 2, 2010

5 Ways To Score Free Beauty!

 We're all looking for the perfect beauty products. Products tthat work, have pretty packaging and fit our budget. Do you dream of free products raining from the sky? Do you dream of testing products before you buy them. Well then fellow beauty enthusiast, this post is for you. Here are 5 ways to get completely free or deeply discounted beauty:

This first website was discovered by my dad a few years back. You see I have inherited a love for free products and coupons, whatever they may be for, from him. Ever since he started sending me emails telling me about free samples of cleansers to cereals I have been checking this website daily. This website links you to manufacturers websites currently offering free samples of their products. As an example I recieved a sample of Veet wax strips last week (haven't had a chance to try them out yet) plus $2 off coupon should I decide to buy the product. Sample from Red Flag Deals are a great way to test a product before you buy and to save on things you already buy such as femine products. Since it's a Canadian site you'll never have to frown and say, "Oh, it's only available in the States", again!

2. P&G BrandSampler
Procter and Gamble make all sorts of products from Olay to CoverGirl to Pantene. Every season they offer a Brand Sampler - a box delivered in the mail full of sample-sized products you've chosen such as shampoo, face cream, fabric softener, floss, and razors. This is a seriously good deal. I'm a recently grad of the University of Guelph and during my poor student days I lived on these samples! Again I visit the Canadian website but I'm pretty sure they have an American BrandSampler promotion as well so if you live in the US you're in luck!

3. Gift With Purchase
This is a big one for me and many of the department store brands offer seasonal firdt with purchases every year. Heck, it seems like every time I step into Sears there's another promotion going on to catch my interest! Clinque expecially has some awesome gifts 4 times a year and you only need to spend $26.50 to get it! If you shop a department store brand such as Clinique, Estee Lauder or Elizabeth Arden often Gift With Purchase Specials make so much sense! They can also act as a nice introduction if you're new to a brand but try to resist buying products for the sake of the gift if you really don't need it.

4. Lush Product Samples + Events
 Are you all familiar with Lush? It's a British brand focusing on making naural, minimally packaged products with the most heavenly scents! Famous  for their bath bombs and bubble bars they also stock a wide range of cleansers, moisturizers, soaps, shampoos and every other bath-time product you can think of. I love them for their products but also their generosity with samples. If you're talking to one of their knowledgable staff members about trying a certain product they'll often offer you a sample to see if it's right for you. This isn't something unique to Lush: I find if you ask for samples at the Beauty Boutique at Shoppers Drug Mart or even at you're local beauty counter they'll often have something to give to you. It helps if you're making a purchase to begin with but you don't necessarily have to buy something. Check the Shopper's website often for free offers! Do the same with the Lush website (or better yet join the mailing list) because they host a plethora of events every month and they often give free goody bags to their attendies!

5. is a website providing coupons for your favourite products that are delivered to your door a day or two after you order them online. Embrace coupons people! They're out there for a reason and why should you have to pay full price on things you buy often? There are coupons for beauty products and food and it's an especially helpful website if you have children. Another positive to is that the glossy coupons you recieve in the mail are taken more readily by cashiers. I find staff at grocery and drug stores are wary of print-out coupons due to their ability to be easily duplicated.

Hope this helps you stay gorgeous inside and out without breaking the proverbial bank!

Sarah xoxo

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