Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Lancome, Thank You For Teaching Me That One Good Juicy Tube Deserves Another

Hey hey hey!

What's shakin'? Got any snow yet where you're at? We've had a couple of light snow falls but nothing's sticking yet. That's fine by me because as far as I'm concerned all I need is a little snow on Christmas day and I'm set for the season!
So as I'm sure I've already mentioned I tend to go through makeup phases now and again. For a few weeks I might feel like I want some new eyeshadow while another week I'll be cravin' me some lippy! Well a couple of weeks ago I was doing just that and as if Lancome read my thoughts they introduced their Juicy Tubes Holiday Set ($39).

 Six travel-sized Juicy Tubes make this set an incredible value and ultimately waaaay too tempting for me to pass on! Having never tried Juicy Tubes before I wasn't really sure what to expect as far as scent, texture and wear time. But since I was aware that the Tubes have a cult following I had pretty great expectations.

From left: Butterflies, Sweetheart, Pink Bling, Raspberry Ice, Miracle, Dreamsicle
 A few of the glosses smell and taste like orange while the others smell and taste like fruit punch. Personally I like the fruit punch better but I'd like the scents more if they were a little less sweet. Each gloss is moderately sticky which means they're comfortable on the lips and have a wear time of about 1 hour. Though there isn't a ton of colour payoff they're great for everyday wear on their own or layered over lipstick. Overall they are some of the best glosses I've used and I'd totally recommend the Holiday Set to anyone looking for some new versatile glosses.

Sarah xoxo

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