Friday, December 10, 2010

Elizabeth Arden and I

As I told you all a little while back (ahem, a big while back) I recently purchased Elizabeth Arden's Beauty Box and I'm finally getting around to blogging about it! This 29-piece purchase-with-purchase was $65 with an Arden purchase of $38. So I stocked up on some of my favourite 8-Hour Moisturizing products and got me some makeup!

 From left: Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara, nail polish in Red Door Red, 3-piece brush set, 10-piece eyeshadow palette, 3-piece cheek colour, High Shine Lip Gloss in Sparkling Ruby, High Shine Lip Gloss in Golden Pearl, 3 Exceptional Lipsticks

I bought this kit mostly for the eye shadow palette since I never can seem to get enough! But I was pleasantly surprised to find myself really loving some of the other products too! Here's my breakdown:

The Eye Shadows
From left: Sunny Pink, Indigo, Limelight, Fizz, Nude, Black Plum, Mink, Slate Blue, Silver Taupe, Midnight Emerald

I like the shadows based on their colours in the pan but they aren't too impressive in the pigment department. I find both the light and the dark shades quite sheer which can be a positive if you're looking for light, daytime looks. Colour can be built up with layers of shadow but but be prepared to blend, blend, blend! That's my first impression of the colours but I want to do a bit more playing around with the shades to find the best colour combos.

The Blushes
From left: Golden Rose, Soft Gold Shimmer, Terrarose

All three of the blushes in this Beauty Box contain a light amount of flattering shimmer and would be totally wearable for any skin tone. Golden Rose is more of a soft pink than the tawny colour it appears in the above picture and adds a light flush to the cheeks. Soft Gold Shimmer is just that: a great champagne-coloured highlighter for cheekbones and browbones. Terrarose is a light bronzer that adds a subtle golden glow to the complexion. 

The Lipsticks
From left: Smooth Mauve, Red Door Red, Soft Red

Two of the three lipsticks in this package are matte (Red Door Red and Soft Red) while Smooth Mauve has a light sheen. I don't know what your experience has been but lipstick and me don't always see eye-to-eye. They're either too drying or not long-lasting enough for my liking so more often than not I find myself reaching for a gloss. But these lipsticks are amazing! I'm especially digging Soft Red because of it's dramatic matte finish and its blue-red tone. If you're more of an orange-red girl then Red Door Red will be your best friend! Smooth Mauve is great as a purple-berry and it's the perfect shade for the season. 

The Glosses 
From left: Sparkling Ruby and Golden Pearl

Both glosses contain multi-coloured shimmer and a slight medicinal scent akin to that of the famous Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. Sparkling Ruby is a great gloss to layer over Soft Red to shimmer up the otherwise matte lipstick. I prefer Golden Pearl on it's own to create a nude lip to compliment a dramatic smokey eye. 
The Eye Liners
From top: Espresso and Midnight
The eye pencils in this kit are pretty standard; soft and wearable in two perfect colours. Espresso is a warm brown while Midnight is a cool steely blue. I appreciate Midnight the most because I didn't have a dark blue in my collection already and it definitely comes in handy as a softer alternative to brown or black.

The Lip Liners
From top: Crimson and Taupe
I just recently learned the importance of lip liner from a fellow Clinique Consultant. Not only does it define your lips and make them appear larger, it actually lengthens the wear time of your favourite lipstick or gloss! Seriously the first time I used one these pencils I was amazed at how long my lipstick lasted without a touch up!  Crimson is perfectly matched for Soft Red (or any red, really) while Taupe is a great neutral shade that's great under any colour. Just don't forget the cardinally rule of lip liner: always match the shade to your lipstick and if you can't, pick a neutral that matches the colour of your lips.

The Extras
Nailcolour in Red Door Red 01
There are a few other pieces in this great value kit I want to touch on. I tried out the nailcolour a few days ago without a base coat or top coat and let me tell you that this baby sure needs one! I had significant chips by the next day so next time I chose this for my mani colour I'll be sure to take the proper measures to prolong its wear.
I admittedly haven't tried the mascara yet because I've already got multiple tubes on the but I'm guessing it's just your standard black. :)
I was surprised that I liked the brushes in this collection. There are two eye brushes (a shader and definer) and a blush brush all three of which are composed of synthetic hair. I find their stiffness really concentrates product and cuts down on the time I spend doing my makeup in the morning. And that is always a plus! 
This collection also comes with two bags: One large quilted red bag and a small, red, faux-crock brush bag. I find the larger bag sort of Grandma-esque but I like the travel abilities of the smaller brush bag.

Overall, I think this Colour Collection is great value for money and an awesome introduction into the Elizabeth Arden brand. It's a great collaboration of funky but wearable colours with classic universally-flattering shades. Hope you had an enjoyable Friday! I've got the whole weekend off and I'm looking forward to getting my hair done tomorrow and mega-relaxing Sunday.

Sarah xoxo

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