Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid-Winter Bronze Glow For A Pale Girl

Looking like a naturally sun kissed goddess doesn't have to involve a trip down south and possible skin damage. All it takes is a good bronzer! Sounds like an easy task but in reality it's more complicated than doing your taxes.

[Side note: I have never done my own taxes before but I would like to learn. I've heard it's not as complicated as most people think.]

Being a pale girl I find most bronzers are either too dark or too orangey and tend to make me look more dirty than tan. So you can understand how excited I was to discover Clinique's Almost Bronzer!
It's an oil-free dual shade bronzer with SPF 15 that can double as your all over face powder. It's different in that it's an extremely naturally looking bronzer that's great for bringing colour back into the face after everything's been evened out with foundation. 

The brush that's included with the bronzing powder is also a welcome surprise: its natural hair is incredibly soft and it's perfect for touch-ups. This powder is a multitasking queen and it's definitely getting me through the winter with a healthy summer glow! 

Clinique Almost Bronzer Powder can be found at Sears and the Bay for $34.

Sarah xoxo

P.S. How`s the weekend going? Have you been catching up with your girls or just laying low at home?

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  1. I always have trouble with bronzer as well! Although I was given one for my birthday and it is really amazing, provided you only us a pea sized amount!