Monday, June 28, 2010

Smashbox Beauty Bliss: Soft Lights in Brighten

Happy Monday Everyone!
I don`t know about you but I had a wonderful Monday! The experiment I was working on in my lab actually worked! It was a real confidence boost! What did you work on today? I worked on staying calm in stressful situations and being optimistic! I also glowed today with the first product from my Smashbox Beauty Bliss Collection: Soft Lights in Brighten!

It's a pot of complimentary pinks and beiges with a slight shimmer so when you sweep your brush through the lot you get a lovely, soft glow. I found this product to be quite light on my fair skin so I've been adding a little brush or bronzer to my cheeks before applying Brighten. You're meant to use the fan brush that came with this kit to apply Brighten but I'm new to this type of brush and can't seem to pick up enough product to be visible on my face.

Overall this is a very pretty product but I'm still trying to make it a bit more visible on my face. What do you think? I'm going to test it out for a few days longer before I give it a grade. Have a good evening ladies!

Sarah xoxo

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