Thursday, July 29, 2010

360 Degrees of Polish

I believe that makeup is an art and that the person applying that makeup is truly an artist. Your eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes are your paints and your face is your canvas. It is the starting point of many creative looks and its the part of your body where your personality shines through the most. But unlike a plain white piece of canvas, it is far from blank. Each of your features provide unique opportunities to play up your style and enhance your own natural beauty. So doesn't it make sense to start with soft, smooth face that primed and ready for any makeup look you choose to create? Your cleanser is a great place to start! I recently tried L'Oréal Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub paired with a Mini Face Brush from The Body Shop to get my canvas ready.

I got this sample-sized product in the mail and to my dismay it didn't come with a "scrublet". This scrublet is a small pad covered in soft, flexible scrubbers that are suppose to clean deeper when paired with the cleanser. Ever since I saw the first commercial for this product I've been curious to see if it actually does clean better than cleanser alone. I was disppointed because I figured without the scrublet there was nothing new here: there wouldn't be anything innovative about the cleanser itself. So I decided to pair it with the Body Shop Face Brush to simulate the scrublet.

So there's good news and bad news here. The good news is I really like the cleanser! It has small microbeads which gently exfoliate without being too rough on skin like some natural exfoliants can be. It has a nice apricot scent and washes clean. The bad news is I'm not crazy about the face brush. I find the bristles too stiff and no matter how gentle I am it still leaves my face looking red. Plus it doesn't do the best job of creating suds and I'm a big bubbles girl when it comes to cleansers!

Final verdict: good cleanser, bad brush. Which leaves me with one question: what's that scrublet like??? Has anyone used it yet? Well, I think it's about time for an ice cream sandwich and some Drop Dead Diva Season 2! Have lovely night :)

Sarah xoxo


  1. I know - what is with this brush? I had one, used it twice and then gave up ... I find a hot face cloth works the best!

  2. Yeah I bought mine because my friend had one and she loved it! I find it'll probably work better as a nail brush. Thanks for your comment!