Friday, July 30, 2010

With Great Hair, Inner Calm Will Come

When I say we all live hectic, stressful, busy lives I don't think I'm saying anything new. Between work, yoga, coffee with the girls and your boyfriend's metal music show it can be difficult to find time for you. If your morning hair routine and this humidity is making you frizz out then take a deep breath and meet CHI Silk Infusion.

A friend recommended this product to me after it helped her straighten her naturally wavy hair. My hair is stick straight already so I figured I was half way to my desired look with a straightener and some of this stuff. Lo and behold it works like a charm! It really cuts down on the frizz and I feel it really nourishes my hair as well! This formula is sort of an oily liquid and you only take a small amount and work it through damp hair before styling. I've actually been taking a little after my hair is dry as well and applying it to the roots to straighten out any fly-aways or protect my ends. Just be careful not to take to much because you'll risk looking like you've got oily roots!

The CHI line of products is sold at salons (and select drugstores) but I picked this 50mL bottle up at Winners for about $15. Don't you just love Winners? You really need to be in the mood to root around a little but somehow I always seem to find a gem! They have some ridiculous deals on clothing and I just recently noticed their beauty section which offers salon brands and tools at much lower prices. Check it out!

Happy Friday ladies! Big plans for the weekend?

Sarah xoxo

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