Sunday, July 11, 2010

Be The Queen of The Scene With Benefit Cosmetics!

How's the weather where you are? True story: the boyfriend and I just got home after picking up a few groceries and just a few minutes after we get inside the house it starts raining. Raining hard. It was actually hailing as well! We ran around the house closing the windows and unplugging the TV and computers to prevent anything from getting fried. Now, about 15 minutes after the storm started, it's died down completely. The sky is clear, it's raining softly and the sound of thunder is far off in the distance. I love thunderstorms because I find them exciting but sometimes I wish they'd last a little longer.

So have you heard about the two limited edition palettes from Benefit Cosmetics? They were created by Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson, daughters of Benefit co-founder Jean Ford. Maggie's palette, Sunday Funday, is meant for Sunday brunch after a late night or partying. It includes brown, purple and champagne neutrals for your eyes as well as brown eye liner, bronzer, pretty rose lipgloss and benetint lip and cheek stain. I haven't bought this palette (because I made myself decide between the two) but it's got some really flattering shades for a pretty day look.
Annie's palette, Scene Queen, contains all the tools to make a versatile smoky eye that can transition from day to night. It contains blue beige and charcoal shades for the eye, a black liner, coral blush, highbeam highlighter and juicy coral lip gloss. I had been crushing on this palette for weeks and when I ordered it just before Canada Day I could not wait for it to come! It was sooo worth the wait. The shadows are especially versatile and I even like the brushes it comes with. Here are some pics to get you going. I'll be including some looks in the next few days.

Artwork on the front. How cool is that?

Side view with the huge mirror up.
Everything in the kit.

The shadows: Charcoal, Shimmering Beige, Misty Blue, Navy

Here's the Juicy Coral Gloss, Smokin' Liner, High Beam, Coralista Blush

Cute, right? Think you might give this palette a spin? The sun's out in full-force again which is good news since I have a volleyball game tonight. The courts are probably going to be super wet though. Oh well! First game of the season! Wish me luck!

Sarah xoxo

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