Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Haul'n: The Body Shop Deals!

Finally the weekend! This week went by surprisingly quickly for me considering work was rather stressful. We're currently repeating the same experiment we've been working on for 2 months and every time we do it something little (but devastating) goes wrong. I'm beyond frustrated with it so I think we're going to move on to something else for a while as we try to figure out how to fix the problems we've been having.

In order to relieve a little of the stress of this week I went shopping at the mall a couple nights ago. The mall happened to be having a sidewalk sale - almost every store had a table set up in the centre of the mall featuring their on sale merchandise or as my friend Sam would say, "mad deals". I ended up getting a flowery mid-length skirt from Suzy Shier for about $12 and a neutral top with a huge gem necklace attached to it from Costa Blanca for $25. I didn't realize this until I got home but it makes for a nice outfit! Sam got fixed up with an adorable (and versatile) pair of red flat for $30 from Aldo. By the time we had eaten and finalized our purchases the mall was closing and I hadn't had a chance to check out what The Body Shop had for sale.

So I went back the next day lol! I made a B-line for The Body Shop and starting sorting through all the body washes, makeup items, lotions and bath mitts all laid out on their table. I knew I needed body wash (since I'm almost out of my Olive Branch body wash from Lush) so that was a top priority but I also picked up a few bath tools for good measure.

They had a lot of savings on select products so depending on your scent preferences it might be worthwhile to check it out! I know they had half-price deals on the Originals products such as Green Apple Shower Gel and Ice Blue Shampoo so if your fan be sure to get your hands on some! I enjoy lighter scents so I decided to get this bottle of Oceanus Shower Gel which was $8 for 200mL (should have been $10!).

I also couldn't resist this Moringa Shower Gel (travel-sized) for $1.50! It has a soothing, fresh scent I adore!

I got some nice scrubby bath mitts which are always good to have in the house. I like to put them on, put a little Soap and Glory Flake Away on my mitt-covered hands and scrub away! You're actually doing double duty because both the scrub and the mitts are going to work together to get rid of dull, dead skin cells. Just don't scrub too hard or you risk irritating your skin.

And because the buff puffs, shower mitts and exfoliating skin towels were all 2 for $4 I decided to get the puff along with the mitts. Seriously though you could go to Shoppers and get 1 of the puffs for $4 so that is a damn fine deal! Plus, these are really well-made and I find they don't fall apart as easily as the ones you get somewhere like Walmart.

As if sensing my love for freebies the sales girl popped a little sample of Coconut Shower Cream into my bag. I haven't tried it out yet but it smells oh so dreamy and looks incredibly creamy :)

All-in-all I spent about $15 bucks which is not bad for all the lovely products I got! Any hauls to speak of this week ladies? Will you be doing any shopping this weekend?

Sarah xoxo

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  1. Feel free to comment ladies! Do you guys like The Body Shop products??