Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mini Shopper's Haul With Big Results!

Yesterday, in celebration of Friday, I caved and went to Shopper's to purchase a couple of products that've been on my wishlist for quite a while. The trip was also a good way to break in my new credit card :) But be aware I didn't break it in too much! I'm rather responsible with money, girls! So what did I get, you ask? Three little products that pack a heck of a punch!

Two more Benefit products, y'all! This shopping spree was all about my eyes: Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye Shadow Primer, Benefit Erase Paste Undereye Concealer, and Nivea Aqua Sensation Eye Cream! First of all let me sing my praises for Stay Don't Stray. Today was my first day using it and it locked my eyeshadows in place ALL DAY! It also made it way easier to blend colours and made them more vibrant. I applied Stay Don't Stray to my undereye area and it also helped keep my concealer in place. Talk about multitasking! This product is $30 which seems, at first, a little steep for a 10ml bottle. But this will last forever since you only need 1/4 of a pump to cover both eyes and you really can't imagine how important an eyeshadow primer is until you use one!

I've mentioned here before I've been using a Covergirl concealer to cover up my dark circles. Well lately I've been sort of disappointed with its thin consistency and not so good blendibility. I was looking for something better and I found it in Erase Paste! First of all it's thicker which means better coverage and it's so easy to blend. You only need a little bit and it goes on smooth as butter! This was also $30 for quite a little pot but again, you only need a small amount so it should last. The Shopper's Beauty Boutique woman told me she's had her's for 8 months and she's only hhalf way through  so that is a crazy good deal. Erase Paste sure lives up to the Benefit name!

Finally, to treat my eyes real special and hopefully tone down those dark cicles in the process, I bought Nivea Aqua Sensation Eye Cream. I used this product when I was home last week and I love the slight cooling sensation and intense moisture it delivers. Maybe I'm just dreaming this but I swear I saw an improvement in the look of my dark circles after using it for the first time! Either way I like taking care of the delicate eye area and preventing wrinkles before they appear. This was a steal at $11 and once again I use such a small amount it's bound to last!

So what's the general theme of this post? With some product a little does really go a long way! And you get what you pay for: quality products are going to care for your skin, last longer and (most of the time) actually do what they promise. So how do you take care of your eyes?

Sarah xoxo

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