Sunday, July 4, 2010

Prim and Proper Sunday With Benefit's Instant Brow Pencil

Happy 4th of July to my State-side readers! How'd everyone's weekend go? Was it super relaxing or were you totally productive. My weekend was a little bit of both which is exactly how I like it.

Now, if I asked you what you thought your best facial feature was, what would you say? Your eyes? Your lips? Your impossibly high cheekbones? Would anyone say their eyebrows?? Ah, eyebrows; we have a love-hate relationship with them don't we? They provide the perfect frame for your face but only after plucking, waxing and some serious taming. But what about when you pluck too much? You remove a few too many hairs and suddenly it looks like one of you brows went on a hunger strike while the other ate a whole cheesecake and is now a little bloated! :)

The answer for filling in brows? Benefit's Instant Brow Pencil! I got mine at Shoppers for about $25.

I got mine in the light to medium shade because I wanted my brows a little darker (to look right with my red hair) but still look natural. This pencil's sort of waxy and deposits just the right amount of pigment! Plus it comes with a neat-o spoolie (kinda like a mascara wand) which smooths out the colour and your brows to make them perfectly polished!

As you can see this pencil's already been pretty well-loved. It needs a good sharpening. This pencil is seriously fool-proof and for a first-time brow filler like myself it was perfect. I would highly recommend picking it up! What do you all do to keep your brows in tip-top shape? Are you a waxer or a plucker and have you ever tried a pencil before to fill them in? Also what sort of makeup hauls did you ladies bring home this past? Let me know about your beauty purchases!

Back to work tomorrow. A little bitter sweet as it's felt like a loooong 4 day weekend but I'm also not crazy about the prospect of a few long days next week.

Sarah xoxo

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