Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Queen Has Arrived!

You  may have heard in the news recently that the Queen of England is currently visiting Canada. At first I wasn't sure why she was here. then I figured out she's probably just doing her rounds to the countries who used to be British colonies and are now part of the Commonwealth. Since Canada declared its independence there's been a lot of talk as to whether we really need the Monarchy anymore. For the most part the Queen has little say in our affairs and we're ultimately not ruled by her anymore. Still, I find her presence charming and since I'm originally from Britain I like the idea of the tradition of the Monarchy.

Something you may not know is that there is another Queen and she has come to stay at my quaint little house! My Benefit Scene Queen The New Annie Collection Palette arrived today!

Opening it was magical! I ordered it from Sephora (that's where this pic came from) and it came completely wrapped in tissue paper with my 3 free samples. I love free things! Stay tuned for pictures and reviews of all the lovely goodies inside! Have you heard about Benefit's 2 new Limited Edition palettes? Are you a die hard Benefit fan or are you a newbie to the brand like moi?

Sarah xoxo

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