Thursday, July 22, 2010

Smoother Skin While You Snooze With Nivea

Thursday is winding to a close and Friday is thankfully just around the corner. Any early weekend plans to speak of? I'm planning on making a return trip to the farmers market to pick up some fresh goodies! Yum! One of my favourite parts of summer is getting out and making the best of the sunshine by visiting the beach or going for a walk around the river. But even though sunscreen and ice cream are the main things on most people's minds, the fashion and beauty industry is already looking forward to the fall season. I can't seem to match their ability to be in one season while planning and thinking about another; I'm still focused on easy summer skirts and glowing bronzed skin. So I decided to compromise today by featuring a moisturizer which is rich enough for winter but could be used all year 'round.

It's Nivea Visage Light Regenerating Night Care! Long-time fans of the Nivea brand already know the moisturing power of their original Nivea cream and if you haven't tried Nivea Soft, you're missing out! It's lighter than the original and is absorbed faster but leaves crazy smooth skin in its wake.

Nivea's Light Regenerating Night Care is formulated for normal to combination skin and provides intense moisture during the night so you wake up with genuinely softer skin. It's quite a thick cream which is nice for cold winter nights but I think it works equally well in the summer just as long as you don't mind using something heavier in the heat. If you'd rather use something lighter in the summer, a gel moisturizer can be more refreshing.

Tell me your Nivea stories people! My granny swears by Nivea's original cream and she has such soft skin!

Sarah xoxo

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