Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini Post

Hey Girls! Sorry for being MIA the past few days but I decided last-minute to go home to my parents house for the weekend and I ended up relaxing most of the weekend. On Sunday I went to Toronto with a couple of my close friends who have been looking for an apartment there for the fall. They ended up finding an adorable little two-bedroom in an awesome area. I was really inspired by the current tenant's decor so when I got back to my place I went on an organizing blitz! Since then I've been looking for modern decor ideas for our living room.

Another awesome part of the Toronto trip was our visit to Sephora! I ended up buying one teeny tiny blush (willpower anyone?) which I'll review here soon! I also stopped by Lush and picked up one of their awesome new products that I'll be sure to feature here in the next few days.

Well now that August is here and summer is winding down it's time to look forward to the fall and all the glorious fashion and beauty that comes along with it. I bought a simple vibrant blue long sweater from H&M the other day which I can't wait to wear belted with leggings or with patterned tights and a long necklace! I'm excited about having a fresh, frosty face for fall and dipping into some thicker moisturizers to keep my skin super hydrated.

What are you looking forward to this coming autumn?

Sarah xoxo

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