Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NARS Brings Me Pleasure

Yesterday's post was a short one because my camera battery died. But I've charged it and I took some pictures of the stash of Sephora goodies I got this past weekend!

So firstly I picked up the iconic NARS Orgasm Blush at Sephora in the Toronto Eaton's Centre. I've been obsessing lately over NARS' amazing colours and forumlas and as soon as I walked through the magical Sephora doors I made a B-line for the NARS shelf! I wanted to get the NARS The Multiple in Orgasm, their signature multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks and lips but I decided to go for the slightly less expensive powder blush version ($29) of the same name. So far it's lived up to its universally flattering promise and it gives me a healthy glow.

The other two products I indulged in were Lush's new super versatile product, Ultrabalm and and my FREE Beauty Insider Birthday Gift! Stay tuned for reviews of these products!

So what do you think - have you been a long-time fan of NARS or are you just learning about their high-quality highly satisfying line?

Sarah xoxo

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