Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ultrabalm for an Ultra Balmy Summer

Congrats on making it to Thursday ladies! It was a hot one wasn't it? I'm just begging for it to rain so this humidity might lighten up a little! Though we may all be complaining about the heat now, in a few months (ahh scary thought!) we'll all be bitchin' about the freezing cold. It's always been odd to me that I seem to wait so long for summer to come and once it does I enjoy it but I'm also hoping for a break in the heat. Then when it's winter again I get so down that I need to wear so many layers and long for the few short months that a sundress and sandals were the only clothing I needed. I'm kind of fickle like that :)

Either way I always try to find something I like about the season: fluffy sweaters with leggings and boots in winter or short-shorts and floaty tops in summer. It might seem like the two seasons have nothing in common when it comes fashion and beauty but one thing is independent of the season: moisture. Your skin needs moisture all year round. In the summer skin can get dried by the sun, salt or chlorinated water, and more frequent showers. In winter cold winds and dry, hot air inside can leave your skin feeling rather parched.

Luckily there's Ultrabalm, a new supe awesome product from the wonderful world of Lush!

This balm lives up to it's name and  is a true multi-tasker. Whether it's applied to lips, hands, heels or anywhere else that needs a little extra lovin' it does the same thing: protects and softens. I love love love lip balms so I'm guessing most of this product is going on my pout!

With three ingredients, (organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax), this vegan, honey-smelling balm is sure to be a favourite with beauty addicts and minimalists alike!

Sarah xoxo

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